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Sports Injuries

sports-injuriesOsteopathy can help people who enjoy sports at all levels of involvement. We can help professional athletes, gym users, fitness and keep fit enthusiasts, team players and individual sports people. We treat golfers, dancers, gymnasts, pool players, runners, fitness instructors, personal trainers, tennis players, rugby players, weight lifters and all other disciplines.

We can assist with joint pain, muscular aches, pains, pulls, back pain, preparation for big events, stiffness and tension, managing problem areas and improving stretching regimes.

We can help to alleviate the immediate symptoms of the injury and help the patient to return to participation in sport. We try to find the underlying cause of the symptoms and try to prevent this from reoccurring. We help to work on performance and long-term training goals. We may advise on stretching, orthotics, pilates and strapping.

Osteopathy Works Horsham is associated with and has good relationships with Horsham Joggers, Up and Running, Clockhouse Podiatry and SDM Total Therapy Studios – all within Horsham.