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Marathon training

It’s easy to get injured when training for a marathon. Beware of the terrible too’s: doing too much, too soon, too fast. This training error is the number one cause of self-inflicted running injuries. The body needs time to adapt from training changes and jumps in mileage. An overly aggressive approach to hill running, intervals, trail running or any change in your training habits—can produce problems.

You must listen to your body. This is perhaps the oldest and most-widely-repeated advice for avoiding injuries, and still the best: If you don’t run through pain, you can nip injuries in the bud. Most running injuries don’t erupt from nowhere. They produce signals—aches, soreness, persistent pain—but it’s up to you to not dismiss them and take appropriate action.

Injury prevention and advice:

Strengthening the hips—the abductors, adductors, and gluteus maximus. If you don’t have muscle balance, then you lose the symmetry, and that’s when you can start having problems. RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) When you’ve got muscle aches or joint pains, there’s nothing better than RICE for immediate treatment. These measures can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and protect damaged tissues, all of which speed healing. Osteopathic treatment can help to treat running related injuries and to offer advice on strengthening and injury prevention.

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Are you training for a marathon or half marathon? Then maybe I can help.

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