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Suffering from gardener’s back ache?

It’s that time of year again where we all look at our gardens with either joy or trepidation. It’s time to get back out there and have a tidy up and start planting.

Many people suffer with back ache as a result of the bending and twisting movements involved with gardening. Some of this pain will be a result of repetitive strain leading to soft tissue irritation to the muscles, ligaments and tendons or some may be the result of an underling condition such as spondylosis of the spine.

Back pain associated with gardening often occurs after the event, during the night or following day. Inflammation will often build up around the joints in the lumbar region, causing them to stiffen and the onset of back pain and discomfort. Sometimes the interveterbral nerves positioned very close to the swollen joints can become pinched or irritated, this can lead to acute muscle spasm and possible sciatic symptoms with pain down the leg or buttocks.

To help to ease pain whilst gardening always try to warm up before starting e.g a gentle walk or stretch, ease into your activity (try not to do too much in one go, and vary your activity) take regular breaks, use a wheelbarrow for heavy work and a knee pad whilst planting so you are not bending, be aware of your posture whilst digging and raking, use a roller to treat decking or fences to avoid bending.

If you follow these top tips but are still struggling with pain, please call me on 07876750517 or email to book an appointment to help relieve your symptoms or for further advice.